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Posted September 15, 2014

getting started- how do we take our mission global?

Initiated by: amy hemingway

we have a local focus. how do we get started and go from where we are to an integrated, local/global focus or involvement?


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3 years ago
Lori McDaniel

What a Great question Amy! Hope you found ways to help you at that Eric mentioned.  My advice is what we teach our people at our church - TAKE THE NEXT MISSIONAL STEP.  I know at our church there is a balance between creating awareness of a God on Mission and creating opportunity for people to participate in that mission.  Sounds like you are doing that locally.  You can find resources too at to help you become more aware of the nations that live right here in the USA and perhaps take that next missional step locally.   I highly recommend that if you have connections globally, that you go ahead and create an opportunity for people to get on board and go overseas. The experience often births a hunger to begin praying for the world, giving to support those who go, and who knows but that God might grow this experience to something your church becomes involved in further by continuing to send.   What would it look like for your church to take the next missional step?



3 years ago
Eric King

i would suggest starting with sharing God's heart for His glory among the nations- God has been about making His name known among all people since the beginning of time. Second, understand our role as His missionary people in a broken world. Third, raise awareness of global realities- where is God's named not yet proclaimed.  Fourth, look for global connections God has provided for your church. Fifth, learn from those who are already working cross-culturally. There are lots of resources at 

  • amy hemingway wrote: i like the 6 week prayer journey "to the ends of the earth"

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