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Posted March 06, 2014

Where do missionaries come from?

Initiated by: Mission Whiteboard

Are missionaries found or are they proactively developed?  Shouldn't raising up and developing missionaries be a natural rhythm of local churches? How might local churches intentionally equip their members to live sent?



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4 years ago
C. Crider

I'm convinced that missionaries are not "discovered;" they're made. 

If we're making disciples like Jesus did, the results will be sent-ones. Rather than wait around for someone to sense some sort of "call to mission," the local church must become a missionary factory.

In Acts 13, we see Saul and Barnabas called byt the Spirit and sent by their church. For all we know, this calling was news to them when it came to the church at Antioch. How often do our people hear from us that they are called to mission? 


4 years ago
Jeff Green

i think a lot of it is based on both expectations and accountabilitie.  we communicate regularly that we beleive everyone has been called to play a part in God's global mission.  This means that no matter the geography, everyone should regularly be living out mission


4 years ago
Larry McCrary

I have noticed in the last couple of years an increase of the number of people in churches who are sensing God is moving them to the nations. I believe there are a couple of reasons for this. First, I have noticed the majority of people that I have talked to have been on a short term trip. Of course this is not the only reason I believe that short term teams are vital but it is one result that can come from them. Secondly as I have talked to many of these people in process to moving overseas they have mentioned that their pastor's sermons have played a vital role. As pastor's are focusing on preaching gospel centered messages then the Great Commission is an important part of those messages. In both of these cases I believe that churches are being more proactive in their sending as well as developing potential missionaries.


4 years ago
Stan Goddard

one thing we have done (probably not unique to us) but when we do baby dedications, we start a fund for the baby ($50) that the parents will begin fuliding that will be used to send the child on their first mission trip when their age is right.

We have also started commissioning every new member of our church.

  • dan ohlerking wrote: that at-the-dedication service idea is BRILLIANT. so many layers of smart there.

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