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Posted March 07, 2014

Pastoring and caring for missionaires

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Those we send out as cross-cultural members are still a part of our church body. How do we disciple, support, care for, and partner with them for health, longevity, and effectiveness?


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4 years ago
Jeff Green

I know there is always the fear with those that have gone far away that they will be forgotten.  We have set up intentional reminders on our calendars to reach out to our missionaires to see how they are doing and how we can pray for them more specifically. 


4 years ago
Larry McCrary

One way we have seen churches do well at this is to build an advocacy team who is tasked with being the point person for prayer, care, support, etc... Both Sojourn Church and Austin Stone Church does a great job in modeling these teams. You can find a template to use her to set one up for your team.


4 years ago
Servy Pardo

Building/Maintaining relationships with them through a monthly Skype call has been helpful. As a part of my job as one of the missions pastors at my church, my role includes this time. It's important for me to have this time to listen, counsel, encourage/be encouraged, and pray. I then know better how to advocate for them to the rest of our church body & missions community.

We also require that each missionary develops/recruits a Care Team. The Care Team roles are broken down similar to the ideas in the book "Serving as Senders Today" by Neal Pirolo. We've added the role of Care Team Leader (you need someone to maintain momentum and rally the troops).

Valuing having a bunch of missionaries is good, but valuing having well cared for and fully supported missionaries is better. Committ to learning more about missionary care and things like Re Entry/debriefing.

One more thing. Remembering that missionaries are not the elite christians, but have struggles and temptations just like the rest of us. Although they are servants and role models, they are members of God's flock and will need loving care.

  • Ryan Diks wrote: These are helpful insights thank you

4 years ago
br van

Many missionaries send prayer updates or newsletter. One easy and quick way to connect and support missionaries is to simply reply to the newsletter they send. A quick note saying that you are praying for them or talking about something they mention in their newsletter can be incredibly encouraging. Another way is when they come back for their stateside time, ask them how their term went, what God was doing, what their story is. Just taking 30 minutes out of your day to talk to them about their time is a great way to show them you care.


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