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Posted May 28, 2014

How do you use English as a second language to engage a community

Initiated by: Don Vickers

We live in a community that has a need for ESL.  I would like to learn from you what practices are effective in utilizing ESL to help churches engage their community and build relationships with this opportunity.


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4 years ago
ethneCITY host

I agree that ESL is a great need. While it provides a much needed service it also gives us an opportunity to forge a lasting friendship.

Refugee Resettlement Agencies like World Relief are looking for churches to assist Refugees in learning English and assist children with their homework.

Below are some great resources and a place to start for ESL.

Here is one church doing a great job. I will list more later with their websites.




3 years ago
Phil Boardman

We use English teaching in a few ways in CzechRepublic.

We teach lessons which our students pay for. In these we don't teach from the Bible in order to build trust with our students who are not believers so they don't feel tricked into a Bible study. 

Then we offer a free conversation club, where we have guided conversations. This is our time to really share out lives and whatis important Christ!

Out of this we've started a Bible group because some were starting to ask more questions about faith and the Bible. We've tried to keep tjis time more in Czech language than English. 


4 years ago
Fran Lucas

Having ESL has become a way for non-Christians to enter our doors and see that we are okay people. We had church members invite families to their homes for Thanksgiving meals. Another year several Bible Study Classes prepared and enjoyed Thanksgiving meal with the students. We use the book "English Lessons from the Bible: Book of Mark" on Sundays for a ESL/Bible Study class. Several students also attend the worship service. The students in this class have been included in activities planned by another Bible Study class - potluck meals,picnics, park activities, watching fireworks, etc. There is such a need for ESL classes and it is a wonderful way to do foreign missions at home.


4 years ago
Tim Rice

We have resources on our web site, select the Literacy tab. Dot Whitmore coordinates our statewide ministries.


4 years ago
Beau Barrera

 I am currently taking courses at my University to obtain my TESL certification and I am volunteering twice a week tutoring and teaching English to non-native speakers at a local Literacy Council. I am also active in an International Ministry in my church where we work with International students and Internationals in the community. I pray that these are great ways to prepare me and my family for overseas missions and reaching Internationals wherever we go.

Beau Barrera


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