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Posted September 19, 2013

How do we build relationships and share truth with Muslims?

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How do we rise above our fear of Muslims and learn to love them as Jesus has loved us?  How do we start conversations and find ways to share truth with them?  What are some ways to intentionally get to know Muslims personally? 


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1 year ago
br van

Any 3 is a great tool for Muslim work but it's not the Magic Bullet. We have to take into account that there's multiple cultures and multiple ethnicities that are Muslim if you use any 3 without modifying it to their culture they will not understand it. Some Muslim cultures do not have the same understanding of sin and paying off that send it so using those terms would Hinder using any 3. For example the Muslim group that I work with don't have an understanding of sin but if I change that terminology to peace with God they understand it and it makes any 3 more effective. I use several methods in witnessing sharing and building relationships with Muslims.


3 years ago
Lucas Hughes

Thought i would update: the Muslims i spoke with this past weekend were very open. It was hard for one to get past Jesus dying on the cross, and he found it hard to believe that i believed that happened. They believe he was taken back to Heaven. The other individual wanted to think more about what i said, and wanted to speak to his wife as well. I'm back home, but am expecting a call from him. His name is Nazam. Any 3 worked great, and each conversation was definitely Spirit led!


3 years ago
Lucas Hughes

I should note it was developed by IMB personnel! Again, a great way to share with Muslims.


3 years ago
Lucas Hughes

I use Any 3 to witness to Muslims. It is conversation based and brings to light key stories in the OT that they know and have in their Quran (from the first 5 books). I am qualified to train others in this method and do so when needed. I am going to the northeast next week actually to share with Muslims in mosques and restaurants. It is exciting to see them come to faith!


4 years ago
Candice Denton

Muslims are my favorite people! The real harm being done is complacency on our part as members of the Body of Christ. Our heads have been filled with media images of what Islam is and how Muslims act and react. They are people too! We are to love them as Christ loves us. How do we reach out and show Christ's love to Muslims? We learn about their beliefs and practices in order to have a foundation. We then go to them, because we can't expect them to come willingly to us. We help them, encourage them, and build them up. We build relationships. Ask a question about their faith and you'll get one in return. Spread love and it will be given back to you. Muslims are not our enemies. We do the world and Christ a disservice when we remain where we are and don't move. Christians should never be content where they are. We must go where God sends us and love His creation.


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