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Original Action Figures found here! The Action Bible in Turkish

Posted by Mission Whiteboard

Help us translate into Turkish the most complete picture Bible ever created. Hand-drawn by renowned Marvel and DC comics artist, Sergio Cariello, this captivating, up to date artwork style Bible is perfect or todays visually focused young Turkish adult. Starting with commonly held stories, this Muslim friendly Bible has 215 action packed stories in chronological order. Starting with stories most Turks already know, we believe that this Bible could break down many misconceptions that many young Turks have about the Bible, Christ, and Christians.

Opportunity Location:

Number of Participants:
Teams of 5-8 short term volunteers for distribution.

Opportunity Start/End Dates:
November 30, -0001 - November 30, -0001

Skills Needed:

Willingness to boldly distribute this bible to Muslim peoples between 18-30 years of age.

Opportunity Goal:

Publish and distribute 10,000 Action Bibles.

Opportunity Contact:

Resources Needed:

$51,000 for translation, publication and distribution.