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Distribution and Call Center for Kurmanji Kurds

Posted by Mission Whiteboard

Driving through the land of the Kurds, the dust of time swirled about me. Nineveh is here and Ur there, each little more than toppled stone, fragments, and historical memory. But at my side is my driver, a Kurd. There is nothing remnant about him. He is flesh and blood, breathing, and as a Kurd, a descendant of the Medes of the Old Testament.

Partner with us in giving Gospel materials to the largest people group without a country. More than 60% of the 25 million Kurds in the world live in Turkey. At our distribution center in a large Turkish city we publish and then distribute Scriptural materials free of charge to seekers of the Gospel. We utilize local newspapers and Google ad words to help seekers of truth find God's words of hope and salvation. We also through the center maintain a relationship with those who receive our materials. Trained church planters follow-up with the goal of starting new churches.

Opportunity Location:

Number of Participants:

Opportunity Start/End Dates:
December 31, 1969 - December 31, 1969

Skills Needed:

Ability to share the gospel among Muslim people. Willing to start conversations with seekers.

Opportunity Goal:

To distribute at least 10,000 pieces of Gospel material to pre screened seekers.

Opportunity Contact:


Resources Needed:

$3,000 a month for the publication of and distribution of Kurdish language gospel materials. Includes translations, publishing, local taxes, advertising, local staff and office space.