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Strategic Church Collaboration In Turkey - Fostering healthy partnerships with the Turkish church.

Posted by Mission Whiteboard

Silas began as an idea and a hope. There were many different people answering the call to go and make disciples by joining the work in Turkey, but how could they work effectively together? Silas works to encourage strategic cooperation and collaboration between local Turkish church leaders and non-Turkish Christians in 5 areas: prayer, coordination, consultation, research and encouragement. Partnering with us is partnering with the Turkish church.

Opportunity Location:

Number of Participants:
10-20 Churches

Opportunity Start/End Dates:
November 30, -0001 - November 30, -0001

Skills Needed:

Opportunity Goal:

Help the Turkish church grown in Christ.

Opportunity Contact:

Resources Needed:

$25 Covers the cost of one Turkish pastors cell phone bill for a month of communication between all the churches in Turkey.

$50 Covers the cost of sending materials to an isolated Turkish church or church planter.

$100 Covers the monthly cost of our office communication expenses.

$250 Pays for one mentoring visit to an isolated church or church planter.