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Oasis Refugee Center - Medical Help Needed - Share the love of Christ

Posted by Mission Whiteboard

When refugees step through the doors of the Oasis Center in Athens, the love of Christ embraces them in a variety of ways. They find people who accept them. Physical needs are met through hot meals, food parcels, and needed medication.

Opportunity Location:
Athens, Greece

Number of Participants:
Groups of 5-8

Opportunity Start/End Dates:
November 30, -0001 - November 30, -0001

Skills Needed:

Medical Personnel

Opportunity Goal:

Demonstrating Gods love by meeting physical/spiritual needs

Opportunity Contact:
James Rogers: jrog2102@aol.com

Resources Needed:

Transportation, Onsite expenses, Airport taxes/exit fees and Ministry

  • Transportation: from and to airport, worksite and lodging location Airport Bus is $140 Euro for team each way. If bus trip tour is used to visit Corinth $300 Euros, Metro weekly pass is $14 Euros
  • Onsite expenses food, lodging, translators (if needed) Food- $18 Euros per day; lodging $44 per day; translators $25 Euros per day
  • Airport taxes/exit fees (Often only payable in USD) None
  • Ministry items to purchase on the field; Either bring medical supplies or plan to purchase in the city.